Town Planning Approvals - We Do This Too

For building approvals on development that is not purely residential in nature (a dwelling or shed/garage etc), quite often a planning approval is required by the local authority. Generally, the approval that is required is referred to as a Material Change of Use (MCU). An MCU is an action such as “making a material change of use”. The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 defines what an MCU is and by using our LINK to this legislation, a detailed definition can be found. Put simply, an MCU application is required to be submitted to the local authority if the proposal involves –

  • A new use of the existing development or site; or
  • The re-commencement of an abandoned use; or
  • An increase in the intensity or scale of an existing use.
  • The local authorities planning scheme identifies if an MCU is required and the level of assessment which is either Code or Impact. Burnett Country Certifiers can advise you if a planning application or any other additional application is required before we can issue a building application. In addition, we can lodge an application on your behalf on certain development or we can arrange for a consultant town planner to prepare and submit the application on your behalf. We have been successfully obtaining planning approvals for clients for over 8 years now and regard this as part of our normal business practice.