Submitting a Building Application for Approval


It is not unusual for applicants seeking building approval for a project to find the process quite daunting. Completing forms that they don't understand and that seem unnecessary, bureaucrats being as unhelpful as possible and no timeline provided in relation to when the approval may be issued. Burnett Country Certifiers aim to make the application process as brief and painless as possible while complying with all the statutory requirements. You should also be aware that all advice provided is at no cost whether you take advantage of our certifying services or choose an alternative path.

Not all projects require building approval and others require additional approvals. To determine if you require building approval and possibly additional approvals for your project simply contact one of our offices or go to our Building Approvals page.

Section 5 of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003 determines what is building work that requires either a licensed building contractor or an owner builders permit for the work to be carried out. Click here for a detailed explanation or if the following does not provide you with an answer. Section 5 commences on page 20.

In brief -

Not building work

Work, other than work within the scope of work of an occupational license, performed personally by the owner of the land on which the work is performed if the value of the work is not more than $11,000 or in the case of a farm building $27,500 is not building work.

Building contractors

If the work is not to be carried out by an owner builder or is not building work, a licensed building contractor must carry out the work if it is in excess of the amounts detailed above.

Owner builders

Work performed personally by the owner of the land on which the work is performed if the value of the work is more than $11,000 or in the case of a farm building, $27,500 is building work and requires an owner builder's permit from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Go to LINKS and choose QBCC - Owner Builders. Information is provided on this site about obtaining an owner builders permit.

Note: Do not confuse the above information with your requirement to obtain building approval. This information only relates to whether licensing is required to carry out building work and whether in your situation you require a licensed builder to carry out the work. We will have to know this to be able to process your building application.

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