Referral Agencies

For simple domestic work such as dwellings and domestic sheds, the Local Authority can be what is identified as a Concurrence Referral Agency for matters such as Design and Siting (boundary relaxations), Amenity and Aesthetics (larger gross floor areas than permitted in the planning scheme), building over local authority sewer and stormwater mains and building in flood areas. The term “Concurrence” means that the Local Authority can tell the building certifier to refuse the application. The local authority’s decision can be appealed. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service are an Advice Referral Agency which means it is not mandatory to comply with their advice but the application must be referred to them. This type of referral never applies to dwellings and sheds but is applicable to the larger and more complex buildings containing special fires services such as fire hydrants and sprinkler systems etc.

Burnett Country Certifiers can advise you of any referrals that are applicable.