Do I Need Building Approval?

Is Building Approval Always Required?

NO! There are 3 types of building work and how they are identified determines if a building approval is required...

Prescribed - Certain types of building work are identified in the Building Regulations 2006 by this term. Prescribed development DOES NOT require building approval. An example is a lawn locker in a non cyclonic region as it is less than 10m2 in area and no taller than 2.4 metres. Similarly a deck less than 1 metre in height in a non cyclonic area is also Prescribed building work. For details on further building work that is Prescribed CLICK HERE and refer to Schedule 1 to identify all Prescribed building work.

Self Assessable - This type of building work DOES NOT require building approval but must comply with all the current relevant Codes and Standards etc. Only development undertaken by the State Government on its own property is self assessable work.

Code Assessable - All building work that is not Prescribed or Self assessable is Code assessable and requires a building approval.