Planning Schemes, Local Laws and Policies

Local authorities are required to have a town planning scheme in place that covers all areas within its boundaries. Within this planning scheme there are matters that can affect your building approval. The zoning of the land impacts upon the use to which it may be put. It can also affect the size of building, the percentage of the site that the building work can cover, setbacks from boundaries etc. Unless properly addressed in the planning scheme, setbacks and site coverage for residential work must comply with Parts MP 1.1 and MP 1.2 of the Queensland Development Code.

There are also inclusions in planning schemes that are called overlays that can affect your building approval. These may be requirements such as the height of buildings near an airport, excavation in an area containing acid sulphate soils, drainage problem areas and heritage listed areas etc. Generally Councils will provide you with any restrictions on your land that may affect a building approval. If this help is not forthcoming, contact Burnett Country Certifiers for assistance. Some Councils have either a local law or policy that covers amenity and aesthetics. This usually covers the size of outbuildings, their height and impact on the neighborhood.